15 April 2011

Future wiglessness

I've mentioned going out en femme without a wig before, and I recently mentioned that I bought a hair straightener. I wasn't happy with how my hair framed my face when I went out en femme with my hair tied back, so my plan is that, given that my hair is longer than most of my wigs, I intend to try to style my hair to be similar to the wigs that I prefer, but with a centre part instead of offset.

I had a brief try of the straightener the day after I bought it, without a great deal of success. I decided that the risk of damaging my hair made it worthwhile buying a heat protection spray, which I bought a few days later. Sadly, with work and family issues having overwhelmed me, the straightener and spray have stayed untouched for several weeks.

Hopefully sometime soon, I'll get a chance to try out the straightener a few times and work out how to get worthwhile results.

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