08 April 2014

Does not Compute error

I always make an effort to wear my wedding ring when I go out, whether en femme or not. It's a symbol of my commitment to my marriage, and wearing a dress doesn't make me any less married. When we had our wedding rings made, I had to convince the jeweller to make my ring narrower than he wanted to. He resisted, as he thought that making it narrower would make it look too much like a woman's ring. The result was a ring that's relatively narrow for a man's ring, but towards the wider end of the range for women's rings. I think it works both ways, although the nails tend to make it look feminine regardless of how I'm dressed. :-)

In response to my post yesterday, How can it not be obvious?, one of my friends commented on Facebook that perhaps people assume that I bat for the other team.

There is an annoyingly common misconception that crossdressers are homosexual. It is quite pervasive, and in the majority of cases, it's also quite wrong.

I remember reading a book many years ago where the author suggested that wearing a wedding ring might improve a person's ability to pass as female. Perhaps this also ties in with the misconception, in that a gay man dressed as female wasn't going to be married, and thus not going to wear a wedding ring. Obviously, with marriage equality, that isn't as applicable as it used to be!

Perhaps the same effect works either when somebody knows that I'm married, or they see that I'm wearing a wedding ring. They can see that I have no facial hair, very shaped brows, long hair, pierced ears and long painted nails but they assume that I can't be a crossdresser because of the pre-conception that crossdressers are homosexual, and conversely that heterosexuals are not crossdressers...

I call this a Does not Compute error. :-P

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  1. Your story brought back a memory from almost 10 years ago :)
    There was a boy in some of my year 12 classes and I still run into him every now and then today. At one of the many presentation nights that year 12 students go through the parents were invited. Of course his parents came too. And to everyones surprise his Father came dressed as a lady wearing a long red dress, beautiful red heels and hair tied back in a pony. This was quite a shock to begin with as nobody knew his Father was a cross dresser and living in a small country town it is pretty unique. But people accepted him for his love and the boy at school never copped any slack from other students over it.
    Goes to show not all cross dressers are gay :D

    Now Mrs Alice I am going to beg you to write me a story for my blog! I am so desperate to get you on there! I need your story :D