25 April 2014

I thought that you were a mannequin until you moved

With yesterday's post being so long, I forgot to mention the funniest thing that happened all day...

Where I parked at Kotara meant that the most practical way in and out was via a lift. In fact, it was the same lift where I overcame my fear of lifts about 4 years ago.

After walking the full length of the centre and back, I pressed the button for the lift and stood to wait for it. Before it arrived, an older woman pushing a shopping trolley arrived to wait for the lift, but made no attempt to push the button, which I was standing in front of.

As we entered the lift, she commented to me

"I thought that you were a mannequin until you moved."
I wasn't quite sure what to make of that comment, or the contradiction of the fact that she didn't try to push the button! :-)

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  1. Just popping in to say HI Alice!
    I've been thinking of you lately and hope all is well. Drop me a email if you wanna chat xxx