14 September 2007

The conundrum of letting a word define who you are.

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When I created my page here, I started by mentioning one word about me up front in the About Me section.

Perhaps mentioning it there was wrong.

That one word and what it implies is not my whole life. It isn't all that I am. So I've decided that I'll write about it in my blog but not mention it on my front page.

Hopefully people will look at me for who I am.
  • A parent.
  • A spouse.
  • A compassionate person.
  • Someone who is always willing to listen and offer advice when asked.
  • Someone who sufferers from depression but tries not to take it out on others.
  • A chocoholic who struggles with their weight. Maybe just one more piece...
  • A tea drinker. White with 2, thanks. :)
  • Someone who doesn't smoke, drink or do any other drugs.
  • A quiet person who isn't into pubs, clubs and partying.
I could go on, but if you've read this far you'll get the idea.

I hate the thought that someone who might otherwise be friends with me might never even consider it because they see one word and immediately think "No, I don't want to know them. I'm going to have anything to do with a crossdresser!"

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