22 September 2007

Eek! What do I do?

(imported from yahoo 360)

I hate being negative, but how long can you cling on by your fingertips?

Depression really sucks. If you've never experienced it, you're really lucky.

I've realised that I no longer have any expectation of achieving any goals in life. I no longer have any aspirations. I just try to cope from day to day. I've got more unfinished projects than I even want to think about, and I'm too depressed to even try to do anything.

In the midst of all that doom and gloom, I've discovered that one of my neighbours has a page on 360. I have no idea whether they have any idea that I'm a crossdresser. I have no idea how they would react. I don't even know if they've looked at my profile and recognised me from my photo.

So, do I just wait and see if they say anything, or do I invite them as a friend? :)

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