15 January 2013

Bite my tongue!

I probably should point out that this is a lighthearted reflection of an offhanded comment that amused me, and is not a reflection upon any of the people concerned.
I've mentioned before that my inlaws know about me but say nothing. I respect their right to maintain plausible deniability, even if I do find if somewhat frustrating at times.
We go to my inlaws' place for dinner once a week most weeks, and last night was no exception.

I had to bite my tongue when, over dinner, my mother-in-law made a definitive statement about 6" heels "that nobody can walk in". My wife agreed with her, stating that she also cannot walk in heels that high.

I immediately thought of the 6" Tony Biancos I wore at IMATS, the 5" Sirens I wore to The Lindy Charm School and my well-worn 5" Tony Biancos that I wore to Sydney to farewell Su last year.

No, nobody can walk in 5 to 6 inch heels.

Not only did I have to bit my tongue, I also had to make an effort not to start counting how many pairs of 5 to 6" stilettos I own, in case someone guessed what I was thinking. ;)


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  2. I have been meaning to comment about the plausible deniability of your inlaws. Is it possible that they have not said anything to you because you have not said anything to them? You said that you told your aunt in law outright that you were a cross dresser and then she told you that they all know. Maybe they are waiting for you to kick start the conversation? Obviously you know your family best but if you were my relative and I suspected you were a cross dresser I would never approach you directly or talk to you about it as I would assume that since you hadn't brought it up with me you must not want me to know. Does that make any sense? If I was your inlaw and I was close to your wife I might discuss it with her but I would wait for you to make the first move? I'm not being as clear as I would like, I don't think, but pretty much I would assume that if you wanted me to know about your cross dressing you would tell me yourself and if you haven't said anything to me then I would assume that you want to keep that part of your life private therefore I would respect that need for privacy and not bring it up...I hope that kind of makes sense?

  3. I think I understood what Sarah K posted. I also have to say I think I'd agree. If I don't tell someone what I am or what I like to do, then it is meant to be private.

    Good luck with your inner desire!