16 January 2013

Implausible deniability

In response to my last post, Sarah posed the chicken and egg question:
Is it possible that they have not said anything to you because you have not said anything to them?
It's an interesting conundrum. We've been dancing around this for over a decade now. Several of my wife's and my friends and relatives are friends with me on Facebook. Others know and some of them acknowledge that they know.

There have been unsubtle conversations. I think that it's really implausible that my inlaws don't know, and yet, I say nothing and they say nothing. I think that we're at an impasse, and have been for years. Having reached that conclusion, I guess I have to decide what, if anything, I do next.

1 comment:

  1. To help you decide .. I would simply come clean, Alice. It's not as if you're gay (like me), you merely enjoy dressing as a woman as many men do! You have few problems doing that.