14 January 2013

Great theory...

I mentioned on Thursday that I wanted to get out en femme at least once before returning to work on Monday next week.

After a very hot day last Wednesday, I thought that I'd better check the weather forecast before making a decision. A prediction of Friday and Saturday being very hot meant that I ruled out both days and I set my sights on going out on Sunday.

I got to bed around midnight Saturday and up at 8:20 on Sunday, then wasted time online while waiting for my wife to get up. She got up around 10:30, by which time I was in a foul mood and felt that it was simply too late to bother.

Knowing that we're expected to go to the inlaws' place for dinner on Monday night, I decided that I'd go out Tuesday. That idea was blown to bits when I overheard my wife telling our son that her parents were going to come and take them to the movies on Tuesday. I don't know how long she had known about this plan, but she hadn't bothered to mention it to me.

So Tuesday is out. Wednesday and Thursday are probably already out too, because of other commitments, and it's predicted that Friday will be hot again! I also have to start preparing to return to work next week, and could easily spend all of this week doing so. I'm no longer expecting to get out en femme before I return to work, which also means no progress on dress shopping for the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival, which is  getting closer. I'm going to be very disappointed if I don't get an outfit together in time. :(

The highlight of the past few days is that I've been working on rearranging things and may soon have enough space to be able to get everything that I'll need out of the bedroom the night before. I've sort of done this before such as for the The Lindy Charm School and IMATS, but in a far more crowded way of stacking it all over the floor and on the chair and around the keyboard of the computer that I'm using to type this.

I've also rediscovered (under a pile of stuff belonging to my son) the Indian Saris and matching tops that Su gave to me last year before she moved to the UK. I need to adjust the tops to fit me and try to figure out how to put a Sari on. I have no idea where I'll ever wear them, but working out how to wear them is a challenge in itself!

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  1. One of the reasons I left my wife was that she made commitments for the whole family but failed to mention them to me!

    She also accidentally discovered I was a very active "girl" every time she was away.

    I hope you get a schedule you can use, Alice.