21 January 2013

I'm too big. :(

As I mentioned last week, I rediscovered the Saris that Su gave me when we met up to farewell her last year ahead of her relocation to England.

The Saris each came with a matching top. The design is plain on the front and ornate around the back of the neckline, which I assume is related to how the top is covered by the Sari. The tops also had provision for adjustment for different sizes, by way of multiple runs of stitching down the side seams, which run from the underside of the sleeve to the bottom edge.

I had tried one top on just after I got them, and it was clear that it was nowhere nearly big enough for me. Yesterday, I finally decided to make an effort and take some of the extra rows of stitching out to see if it would fit me. I took the rows of stitching out in matching pairs left and right and tried it after each row or two were removed and it got closer and closer to fitting until, after removing the second last pair (leaving the last row holding each side together), it would just barely do up with no bra or breast forms, with the shaping of the top leaving some room for breasts, but probably not enough for mine.

There no adjustment for the length of the top from shoulder to underbust, and I'm really not sure that even if I lose enough weight for the top to go from far-too-tight to wearable, the underbust position may well still be too high for me to wear.

The only way I'm going to find out is to lose some weight and try it again. Starting back at work today and the corresponding increase in stress level and comfort eating, however, means that the chance of losing weight any time soon is not very good.

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  1. Speaking for myself, rather than lose weight, I'd lose the top! You look fine in most things you choose to wear.