01 January 2015

A disappointing trend

Inspired by a recent post by Meg at Call me Meg, I plotted a graph of my frequency of outings en femme over the past few years. Sadly, my graph tells a much different story to Meg's.

I haven't gone back any further than 2008, because the count was taken from photos that are arranged by date, and before 2008, it wasn't unusual for me to dress and take photos without going out. To get accurate figures further back, I'd have to dig out my old diaries and check each photo date to work out whether I went out or not.

Of course, one might argue that aside from a couple of days when I had no colour on my nails, I've been out en femme every time I've gone anywhere since early 2011, but it's not really the same thing...


  1. Hmm, that reminds me of me— both in that I compulsively graph things and that I haven't been expressing my gender enough lately. Hoping 2015 is a better year. :)

  2. i actually started keeping a log of the times i get to go out in fem. since about 8 years ago and at one point i was going somewhere in fem almost 3/4 of the days in the year. but that was pushing myself to see how close to full time i could be. but since then i have found it is only about 1/4 the time going out deressed in fem just on errands to the store. but that doesn't include every nights sleep wear. or the times i didn't go out (like this past sunday when i was sunbathing out back)

    1. I haven't done makeup let alone go out since November last year. I think about it every day, but all sorts of things have been in the way.