13 January 2015

Taped toes

I've struggled for a long time with wearing the red Siren stilettos that go so well with most of my red retro outfits. As I've mentioned before, they simply aren't as comfortable as the many pairs of Tony Bianco heels that I have.

Someone posted a link on Facebook recently about how to be more comfortable in heels, and aside from the obvious things like wearing shoes that fit properly, one of the surprise suggestions was to tape the third and fourth toes together. There is a nerve that runs down the foot and splits between those toes. Apparently wearing heels tends to aggravate that nerve, but taping the toes together prevents that aggravation.

Today, I decided to try it. Using 1.25cm (0.5") Leukoflex plastic medical tape, I taped the toes together so that they were firm but not tight. I could feel the tape while my feet were bare, but it was loose enough that I could easily ignore it. With shoes on, I wasn't even aware that the tape was there. I wore the shoes for several hours including walking around the house quite a bit, which was far more than I've ever been able to do before.

I wore the tape for about ten hours, including about an hour gardening in heavy socks and boots, with no real discomfort.

Mind you, this post includes a photo that I never thought that I would post. I've always been unhappy with how my feet look, particularly as the fourth toe on each foot curls under the third toe. They've been like that since childhood, probably due to wearing shoes that were too small. Apparently it could have been fixed easily in childhood, but now it would require surgery that has a lot of potential complications. It's not painful, so I have no intention of doing anything about it except wearing closed toe shoes! On top of that, the photo was taken shortly after taking off the high heeled shoes, so there are several unsightly pressure marks.


  1. I saw that post and wondered, I will now try it myself as well.

  2. I use band aids as a preventive. I have trouble with my wonky 4th & little toes, so I put band aids on the spots where I always get blisters. It's always the same place each time. I usually refer to my toes in the same way I would my fingers: pointer toe, middle toe, ring toe & little toe. I don't wear toe rings, but the toe corresponds to the ring finger. I'll be in sandals exclusively for the next couple of months, I'm going to have to try to remember this tip for when I wear closed toes next. Thanks!

  3. Will definitely try that trick! :)

  4. Just so you know, my fourth toe also curls under my third toe on each foot. My mother's feet are the same way, and she grew up under conditions where she seldom wore shoes as a child. According to my podiatrist, it is genetic, it has nothing to do with tight shoes. Anyway, your feet look fine. Get yourself a pedicure and don't worry about it.