05 January 2015

A stupid habit

I've mentioned my screwed up sleep patterns quite a few times before. It, depression and my weight are three of the things that most interfere with my going out en femme. I've lost count of the number of times when I simply haven't got to bed early enough to get up early enough to get my hair and makeup done to go out.

Over the past ten years or so, I've gone from not needing to get up during the night, to needing to get up after about five to six hours sleep to pee. I'm not sure if it's an age related thing, but it has progressed from once in a while to basically every night.

That wasn't a big issue until I did something really stupid in the morning on new years day.

Instead of simply going to the toilet and straight back to bed, I stopped at the computer on the way past. Check Facebook, email, blog, etc., then back to bed. Except that I was at the computer for over an hour, and consequently got up that much later when I got up again.

I did the same thing every day since.

You know that it's a problem when you're getting to bed after 3am, up for an hour and a quarter at about 9:30, then back to bed, and finally getting up at noon.

Ideally, I'd like to be getting to bed by about 10pm, up at 6am and going for a walk most mornings. Unfortunately, I can't find a way of doing that.


  1. Alice, when was the last time you have your uroflow checked? If it’s sometime here, then I’ll advise you to go to an urologist for a check-up. I’m up after 3 hours at the latest. If it’s after five in the morning I find myself Ipadding my way through the networks knowing I’ll not get back to sleep.
    Yes it could be a age thing, at my age it’s expected, at yours a bit too early.
    Please check it.
    PS: I just cannot understand how you can work on Mary with those nails!
    Ok, ok, I know “you get used to it”, but still..

  2. i have heard that some of us are just night people. i was born at 7pm so my life began at night.
    true getting 7 hrs of sleep from 12am to 7am is not the same kind of sleep as from 5am to 12 noon but if is is consistent then it's not as bad as people who must change work shift from early morning to overnight shift every few days.
    i find the phone doesn't ring at 3 am (hopefully) and i can accomplish more on delicate projects than i can during the day. so i ether need to get up and get started working at 3 am or i can work till then... but it is said that weight can be affected by working through the night as if one is not sleeping food can give one energy to keep going. it would be much worse to work through the night and only get 2-3 hours sleep to be be at a job by a certain time.
    oh how i have always envied morning people. even when i did get up at 6am i would tell people "my brain is not going to wake up till 10am , coffee is not going to help just stay out of my way till then" LOL