04 January 2015

My other project

I mentioned way back in July that some of the non-crossdressing things that I've been doing have implications for outings in the future. I just realised that I never explained what I was talking about.

Progress is slow because I spend so much of my time working, or collapsing in a heap due to exhaustion from working, as I did just before Christmas, but I've embarked upon a project to restore and modify a seventy seven year old Oldsmobile. When I finally complete it, it will complement my retro outfits at events such as the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival. :-)

I'm contemplating naming it Mary, as a play on the old advertising slogan "Merry Oldsmobile", but most people have been less than enthusiastic about that idea.


  1. Some girls just buy a handbag to accessorise their retro dresses :o) The commitment is admirable! x

  2. Classic cars can be a joy, a pain, a drain on resources and great fun. When I had my last Singer I was going to call her Pearl but there was already a Vogue Saloon in the same club called that so I ended up calling her Jade. I sold her nearly ten years agp and I still miss her and thin f her as "my car"

  3. "Mary" looks like perhaps a 1939 Olds?
    oh how i can relate ( i know i say that a lot LOL) thank goodness i didn't dress as much back in college when i wads restoring my model A Ford. it was a major rust bucket (body had been cut away and left rusting in the weeds) which caused me to get a tetanus booster i think 2x in it's 5 year restoration. LOL the 600w grease on the fingers was not a nice thing for a Music Education major with concert performances through out the year. LOL (i know an orthodontist who had to wear gloves for cars work after his patients started giving him the "evil eye")
    my dad and i rebuilt several such basket cases (one i have about 500 hours just on welding and body work ) and now since he passed i am doing the maintenance by myself and trying to keep my nails long and nice. but last summer while i built the small garden rail road out back i gave up as the gravel dust even with gloves broke to many of them.
    good luck with your project. please keep me posted as to the lasted work on "Mary"