03 January 2015

Subtly unsubtle

It's now only two day until the fourth anniversary of when I started having acrylic, gel and colour on my nails.

While I initially got them done every 3 weeks, I found that I was simply too rough on them and changed to getting them done every two weeks, usually on Wednesdays.

This year my nail appointments worked well around Christmas. One was in the week before Christmas, when I got them done red and gold, and the next one was new year's eve.

It may appear that I returned to the usual solid red nails, but appearances can be deceiving... I've decided to get glitter in the acrylic from now on, meaning that in low light, you'll still only see the solid red, but in brighter light, the glitter reflects through the red. The inspiration came from the gold glitter that was on the red nails, some of which sank through the red before it dried.

Being only an infill, only a relatively small fraction of the acrylic contains glitter so far, but over the next few appointments, there will be gradually more and more until there is glitter all over all of the nails.

Of course, being relatively little glitter in the nails, getting a good photo is very difficult!


  1. Your nails look great!! I just had acrylics put on for the second time for my 21st coming up and Im still getting used to them lol

    1. The longer you keep them long, the easier it gets. :-)

  2. i loooove your nails. i heard acrylics work very well as long as they don't stay on past 2 months.
    may i ask are you full time as Alice? otherwise how well does this work in boy mode?
    i myself use a pale pink which works well for both selves. i also use a set of pink safire earrings as both selves since i had my ears pierced about 5 years ago.
    i am just envious of your hair. as you have more than i have in boy mode.

    1. Acrylics require maintenance, and can be used continuously for years without a problem. As mentioned in several blog posts, I'm not full time, so I have my nails like this in boy mode all of the time and it's rare to get any reaction.

      I've never had a bad reaction. Mostly, it's just a double take or girls whispering and giggling.

  3. Can you wear acrylics short enough to where they would look like nails that are just a Lil over do for a clipping in boy mode? Also without polish do they look like natural nails?

    1. I guess the answer is "sort of", for both acrylic and gel.

      They both add thickness which might not be noticed at a distance but would be up close. Unless something is added (such as the glitter in mine), they are clear so the natural nail would show through. They also have a smoother, much shinier surface than natural nails.

      When you get "infills" done to fill in the gaps where the nails have grown out, they also remove any damage and any that has "lifted" away from the natural nails, and it's fairly common to be able to see small lines between the remaining old parts and the new that has been added. Under polish, you don't see that but without polish, you would.