13 November 2012


Yes, I know that I said yesterday that makeup was next, but this just came up and I was so impressed I wanted to write about it first!

On Saturday, it was suggested that we buy either a special flyaway cream or Brylcreem (from the men's grooming section at the supermarket) to control flyaway hairs. The idea is to get a tiny bit of it on the bristles of a comb, then comb it into the problem areas after completing styling but before spraying with hairspray.

Fair enough.

So on Sunday, I went to Charlestown to pick up a new brush (something else that I'd discovered on Saturday that I needed) and a pot of Brylcreem. When I found it, I realised that there were 2 types ~ regular and anti-dandruff. The anti-dandruff version contains pyrithione zinc 0.1% W/W (by weight). This is the same active ingredient as used in many anti-dandruff shampoos.

I've been having a bit of trouble with peeling skin style dandruff, just near my hairline around my forehead, both across the middle of the top and down the sides, so I decided to experiment by rubbing in the lightest smear of Brylcreem using a couple of finger tips. It actually released most of the peeling skin from the scalp. Problem solved!

So now I have discovered a product that has been around for decades, and I have multiple uses for it. I'd call that a win. :)

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