11 November 2012

I need a haircut!

Back in August last year, I mentioned that when I straighten my hair, about 4 inches at the ends didn't straighten properly, and that Sharon, the manager at Tree of Life in Charlestown had said that it needed to be cut off.

Later, the hair dresser that I went to at Maitland (because he came highly recommended) insisted that it was great and just needed a bit of a trim.

I've since had it trimmed again by a local hairdresser while getting my first lot of foils done just before IMATS. She didn't say anything about the condition of the ends, but I've already found split ends since that trim.

At The Lindy Charm School yesterday, Sharon's comments were confirmed when one of the teachers observed that the last 3 inches or so of my hair is damaged, limp, lifeless and is weighing the rest down. That's the 4 inches or so that was a problem last year, less the couple of trims that I've had since.

I did several hairstyles yesterday, and those damaged ends were an issue, particularly with the 1940s to 1950s wave styles that were done using the hot rollers. I know that it was my first attempt using hot rollers, but the damaged ends did exactly what the teacher suggested, weighing the rest down and looking scruffy.

I'll have to talk to the hairdresser who did my foils recently. If she can't see the damage, I'll have to try to find someone who can. I'm not all that happy about taking that length off, but it's clearly going to have to go, and I want to get it cut by a hairdresser who actually recognises the damage.

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  1. I have the same problem. I have had split ends for a couple of years and everytime I get it cut the hairdresser either says I don't have any or says its just a little and they have cut enough to take them off, yet even now after having a haircut 2 weeks ago I have a lot of split ends in the front. Last time I had a few cms off to try get rid of the damage and it didn't help so now that seemed a waste as I will have to go for a bigger chop :(