03 November 2012

Yeah, Occasionally ~ Revisited

Work has overwhelmed me again over the past few days. I had intended to post another follow-up on comments arising from Saturday, then I intended to post about an interesting little intersection of people from different parts of my life, and now there's a much more interesting story to relate, so I'll just put the three little stories together as one post.

On Thursday night, I went back to Price Attack in Charlestown Square, where I had bought the hair buns and the green nail polish for the Tinkerbell outfit. Having picked up the nail polish for $5, I thought I'd go back and see what other colours they had in the $5 basket. It was close to closing time, and I ended up in a conversation with the staff there about the hair bun donuts that I'd bought, including the fact that the height caused me to hit the garage door and have trouble fitting into the car.

That led to showing them the two photos that are on here, and explaining that I'd done it for the Saturday in Cardiff.

Apparently I should have spent more time wandering around, as there were some shops around the edges of the area that I didn't go to, and one of the women working at Price Attack was handing out lollies at her mother's hairdressing salon on the day.

So next year, I've not only got to improve on this year's costume, but I also have to try to get there much closer to 9am.

On Friday afternoon, I was working close to a shop called MisKonduct Klothing, that recently went from being an online store and selling at markets to having their own shop selling 1950s inspired clothing. To tie in with that, they also have a 1950s style cafe area in the back of the shop. It's run by a couple, with the girl running the dress shop and the guy working as the barista in the cafe.

I wandered into the shop in boy mode hoping to have a look at dresses, since I intend to go to the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival next year retro en femme. Because of other people that we know, how unsubtle I am, etc, I'm assuming that they know about me, but nothing's ever been said.

I got talking to the barista, who has been a client of mine for years, then realised that one of the Vespa riders who turns up at the Lotus restaurant on Tuesday nights (when our group are there for our cafe nights) was there. I had a bit of a chat with him as well. Until then, he only knew me in girl mode, but he said nothing that would out me.

So after chatting for over an hour, I still didn't get to look at the dresses let alone try any on. I'm thinking that I should just go there in girl mode. :)

This afternoon and evening (Saturday) proved to be far more interesting than the previous two days combined!

I went to a birthday party in boy mode tonight, for the mother of one of the boys my son goes to school with. I have mentioned this family before, in the post Yeah, Occasionally. Several people asked about my green nails, and I said that it was for Halloween, and explained the whole Cardiff Saturday morning arrangement.

Of course, someone then had to ask what I went as, so I said "Tinkerbell". They didn't believe me until I showed them the photos. ;)

I ended up showing the photos to several people and relating the story of the bun being so high that I hit my head on the garage door and couldn't fit into the car properly.

The husband, who was the one who had previously asked if I dressed up to go with my nails, said tonight that he was hoping that I'd turn up "as [my] alter ego", and I told him that I would not do that unless specifically invited to do so. Consequently, I've been told that the next party that I'm invited to at their place, I'm to go in girl mode. :)


  1. Just read your previous posts and wow! Love the tinkerbell outfit! The bun, the nails, the shoes and the wings, perfect! x

    1. Thanks Su. I was pretty happy considering the relatively short time and small amount of money spent on it. I'd been hoping to do something more elaborate, then suddenly realised that I was out of time and not organised, so I threw it together in a hurry. :)