05 November 2012

Dreaming about green nails

It seems that my nails have made into my dreams.

I rarely remember dreams, probably mostly because I don't get enough sleep to dream all that much. When I do remember a dream, it's usually just a tiny snippet rather than a whole dream.

True to form, today I remember a tiny snippet of a dream.

Snap. Oops. I look down at my nails, which are painted in the current green polish and realise that I've snapped the tip off the left pinkie. My reaction is "Damn, my nail appointment isn't for another few days yet."

Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day. Unlike last year and the year before, I've done nothing about a special outfit for cup day. I looked in my wardrobe last night and found one dress that would go okay with my green nail polish, but I'm not all that keen on it. No, I'm not counting the Tinkerbell costume as an option! :)

I have quite a bit of preparation work that I need to do if I'm going to go out to the cafe night tomorrow night, and I'm now trying to decide whether changing nail colour should be part of that, as I have several dresses that I would like to wear, none of which go with my present nail colour.

I wonder if changing nail colour would also reduce the chance of breaking a nail. :P

1 comment:

  1. I doubt changing your nail color will prevent you from breaking another nail, the things you do while having those beautifully long (feminine and sexy) nails probably makes more sense.

    Changing the color of your nails, however, is probably the best answer because the several dresses you have to chose between is likely going to make deciding all that much easier.

    Just my opinion.